Friday, June 2, 2017

Jan Lamprecht's History Reviewed Youtube channels taken down

This is from Jan Lamprecht, who I discovered a few days ago and runs the "History Reviewed" website and several Youtube channels.

Here is the full text of an email I sent to my closest supporters tonight after my top 5 channels were banned:
I must tell you, I feel like giving up. I really did my UTMOST, day in and day out for MONTHS.
All of my biggest youtube channels are GONE!
o AfricanCrisis which was totally smoking - GONE.
o History Reviewed TV - GONE
o Team White (with Alex Linder) - GONE
o AmericanCrisis - GONE
o History Reviewed Channel #2 - GONE.
So I've lost my biggest channels that I'd built up from scratch.
In total I had only about 30 subscribers and donors for my youtube channel and until yesterday, only 2 of them were South Africans. I can now say there were 3 - in the end. Finally yesterday, the first and only South African donated R50 to me via Payfast. I'd set payfast up months ago as the simplest, easiest way to donate money to me. And until yesterday, not one person bothered. These same moaning, whining complaining people will think nothing to pay R10 for a piece of anti-white, hate-filled shit like DIE BEELD. But not one of them would think of giving me even R10 for MONTHS worth of effort. Hours and hours of work, many times straight through the night until sunrise. Not one person.
Do you know I only have one person in South Africa (until now with Dr Hammond) who actually sold my book Government by Deception? Then I went to that person, and asked if they would be willing to take my videos - I know my stuff isn't the best quality, but would they consider selling them for R10 or R30 (i.e. $1 or $3 per video). The guy got back to me and said no, the videos I produced are too low quality.
But let me tell you the truth. I found that some of the South Africans could not stop complaining. No matter what one does some people just can't do anything except complain. I found the support levels FROM SOUTH AFRICANS to be ALMOST ZERO. But I soldiered on anyway.
The only exception was Dr Peter Hammond. And I must also say Alex Linder was awesome and gave me great advice.
I found now, AS IN THE PAST that 90% of the support comes from Americans, but this time I must say quite a few British too even though I never had a good word to say for the British. So the British were different and I must thank them.
I'm sitting with dozens of uncompleted videos. I'd put my heart and soul into this but clearly the support and interest (except for lots of complaining) is not there.
I've been working hard and hoping, since I was unemployed that I could turn this into something and indeed I was making headway. Each month was slightly better than before. In terms of the support I got - it was very little. But in terms of the video views I got, I was going from strength to strength and ALWAYS working within the ever narrowing confines of their ever tighter rules.
Of the above channels for example, AfricanCrisis got no strikes. Neither did HRC 2. But they wiped them all out anyway. Not one strike, not one issue with copyright - zilch. But they came and wiped ALL of them out today without any notices or warnings. Nothing.
All I can say is that my stats showed that for May, on all my channels combined I got: 157,009 views!!!
I've also seen that putting videos elsewhere, other than on Youtube is a waste of time. If I put videos on my website, I get barely 1% of the traffic I get on youtube. So if you don't stick the stuff right in front of people's faces, nobody bothers to look or do anything. Using or dailymotion or vimeo is a waste of time. The only place that really works is Youtube.
All I can tell you is that I had to do everything myself. Only one person ever actually helped me with anything and that was someone who wrote a special, useful program for me. Other than that I found that asking for the slightest bit of help, especially from a South African was as if you were pulling teeth.
I can tell you that if you do NOT put things on the social media, people won't make the slightest effort to look anywhere else.
I've tried every conceivable angle I could think of. But I'm stumped now. And starting from scratch yet again and putting so much effort in is demoralising. I'll do it again, but I'll start slowly.
At the time my original channel was banned (which I'd built up over 18 months) I was getting 70,000 views per month of the 120+ videos I'd created. Starting in January, I'd created probably over another 100 more. Perhaps much more despite every conceivable trick they used.
My inbox is filled with hundreds of complaints from youtube. Eventually every single video I was putting out, they were banning in Europe.
I outwitted the system on STACKS of occasions. For every method of blocking they came up with I came up with counter measures. I used multiple channels to slow down the effects of strikes. I used videos with links to herd the people (otherwise the people will do nothing) to different channels and to build them up. In this way I built followings and cross-pollinated people from the one to the other.
Whereas over 18 months I had eventually got 50 new subscribers per week and eventually 100 per week at my peak. Starting in January I was using every trick to make the growth go much faster. My peak growth at one time was over 262 on AfricanCrisis alone in a single week.
It took me 18 months to build up 6,400 supporters originally. This time, on my channels combined (which means some people are subscribed to 3+ channels) I reached 5,486 as of last week. I went from 100 to 5486 in 5 months.
They kept changing the rules when you authorise monetization as well as video length. So I had to go and buy additional SIM cards so I could bypass that - because they blocked you if you used the same phone number more than twice.
They tried to catch out my "Linking Videos" by detecting duplicates. So I worked out a counter-measure for that.
For every bloody trick they came up with, I worked out a counter-measure even if it meant more work for me. And I just kept coming up with new stuff. There wasn't a thing they could stop me on.
I did the best I could, despite putting up with all sorts of things. I've put up with endless complaints as well as insults without ever complaining to anyone.
Regarding my own video platform: There was one thing I wanted to do which would be quite nice then I could put my videos on my own platform. There is something I currently don't like about what I did. My videos are buffering too much and they don't run as smoothely as they should. I would happily have put all my videos on my own platform, but I found that you immediately lose more than 95% of your viewers. Its more accurate to say that you lose 98% of your viewers if you don't operate on youtube.
I have no problem operating 100% on my own video platform exclusively, but you LOSE all your viewers. People just won't make the effort to come to you. I watched it time and again. Even when I put my BANNED videos on my own platform - videos that previously had been very popular - even if I put links on youtube to tell people the video is there - you lose 98% of the people. All they must do is click, but you won't believe how few of them will click to view something NOT on Youtube. So having your own platform is a total bust. Very few people come to watch.
Youtube brings people to you on a scale that you can't match by yourself. Its very powerful and I saw that EVERY attempt to not use youtube was a total flop. And I've tried all the others. Youtube actually is more lenient and better to work with than any of the other. You'll have noticed that I never complained about youtube because I found vimeo and others delete your videos outright without a single thought. But youtube I felt was MUCH FAIRER.
Also I liked the way youtube handled the legal complaints. It was clear that actual legal documents were coming at youtube which they were dealing with. Really, I have no complaints with youtube itself. Its actually excellent. But I can see that the Jew scum and Liberal scum are harrassing them LIKE CRAZY to the point of driving away advertisers.
I must tell you, I feel like going back and just getting a job and entering that disgusting world I HATE so much - that black-infested, liberal-controlled hateful world that I spit on and which I swore I would NEVER enter again.
I did NOT want to antagonise Google after my first banning. I thought I'd never take the legal route unless they ban me completely - which they pretty much have done.
Earlier this year Snowy Smith and I had thought about going to the high court of South Africa and taking on Google. I then thought that because I was back and rebuilding things that I'd rather not antagonise them needlessly so I backed away from Snowy's suggestion. Snowy wanted to file a high court application against Google, Gmail in particular and I would file one against Google over my channel being banned. Snowy says that Google's behaviour violates South African law. That by our law they must notify us of certain things.
Google does have offices in South Africa. They do NOT give out a phone number nor an email address. But they have physical offices and I went there. I went there on a bogus reason and got inside. I spoke very politely to the two non-whites who were there. Can you believe, the coloured lady I spoke to, I asked her nicely for their contact details (and she said I must contact Google USA) - but I can tell you, she was shaken up. I could hear her voice trembling. Me walking in there was not normal. I suspect that they do only limited things. I know youtube was sued into bankruptcy over copyright stuff in 2008 or so, and that's how Google came to acquire it.
Getting Google's actual company details was very difficult. You can see they are very secretive here in South Africa no doubt because they fear all sorts of legal complications and issues. I did find the actual company number and I'm 99% sure I have it right.
I must tell you, despite me having little income, I am game for trying my hand at laying some kind of charge against them in the high court as per Snowy's suggestions. But my problem with Snowy is that he also is not very consistent when I speak to him. Youtube and Google have to comply with local laws. In the same way that they comply with "German" (Jewish actually) laws, so too must they comply with South African law. The blacks made the laws extremely friendly in some ways to protect the blacks and we can use this to our advantage. I don't know if one can actually get Google into the high court in South Africa but Snowy said that if I had the right company details that I could. So I am game to try that - and to just do it by myself because a lawyer would be way too costly. Its worth a shot just to see what happens.
When you have nothing more to lose - well, then anything is worth trying.
But I must tell you, for once, my spirits are truly low. I'm going to bed.

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rerevisionist said...

I agree with your assessment of Youtube. I haven't tried any of the others, mainly because they don't give upfront explanations of how to use them. I like to hope youtube's employees include some free speechers with principles.
Your videos are more 'extreme' than mine; only two of mine were removed - Jew media owners, with the 'dead march' as soundtrack; and a recorded talk by Jew 'historian' Hobsbawm here I'd put up videos of the USSR. They've sandboxed a few, e.g. Jew Shock - Learn about Jews.
My experience is Youtube censor truth about the USSR heavily, and Germany of course (though careful wording is OK). They also sandbox videos on Jew evolution, e.g. the idea that Jews lie as a group - a strategy they evolved over millennia. But now, with videos recorders etc, this is starting not to work. -- In short they censor any explanations of why Jews are the way they are. I don't know what youtube would do with factual videos on US or British war crimes - I'm thinking of things like Vietnam. Most Americans know nothing about this. There must be US home films on this; maybe they will appear in future.
The copyright issue is interesting; three of my videos were copyright challenged by Arthur Kemp, who decided he didn't want them on youtube, which I still think is a pity. I have issued a few copyright challenges myself, with videos which took a painfully large amount of work.
You don't mention audios - in my experience audio is much easier to get online, with most people able to listen, and of course the files are shorter. My biggest was a conversation on nukes; I've had 60GB just this month (November) - 77MB file, a few thousand views, many though not going to the end.
Anyway; keep going and keep hoping.