Saturday, January 31, 2009

I've been neglecting this blog because I never got around to finishing the post below (what I did will have to stand, with an update when I get re-interested in the subject). This is written at the tail end of the worst heatwave I've experienced, a couple of years ago there were 3 days around 43C in a row but this month there have been something like six. The households/businesses consuming kilowatts/megawatts cooling down vast airspaces (and overloading the grid) can pretend that it doesn't exist but this house only has one noisy wall-mounted air conditioner in the loungeroom so I am experiencing most of it being cooled only by fans. The problem with this kind of heatwave is that the 30-plus nights don't allow you to cool off so the heat builds and builds physiologically and psychologically.
I'm down on sleep and this is a journal-style entry so I'll stop before I pollute this blog any further.

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