Monday, October 8, 2007


This blog is intended to be a forum to publish my views on the world wide web. I tried keeping my diary online from 2004-2006 but it was met with universal disinterest. I decided that there was no benefit to writing an online journal except that it was legible, unlike my handwriting (perhaps I will tell that story at a later date). In the past year or so I have had wanted to put things out there on the internet from time to time. Things you might run a Google search on to see if anyone else has thought of the same thing. Or topics that amaze you at the complete lack of attention given to them.

These are the sort of things that a blog is all about in my opinion. It’s more of an electronic publishing forum rather than a way to share your day-to-day experiences. I think an isolating factor for me in the diary-keeping aspect is that I don't live in North America. The U.S.A. (and its close cousin, Canada, of which 75% of the population live within 150km of the border) is the third most populous nation in the world. If that's not enough it has the most amount of computer users per capita. So even if the entire planet's population spoke the same language the US would have fairly large representation. But in the English speaking world it results in everyone on the internet by "default" living somewhere in North America with the occasional exception to the rule such as Britons, Australasians and fluent English speakers in places like India.
In Australia or Britain we are intimately familiar with North America through prodigious consumption of movies, televisions shows, and internet sites that are all made there. However the reverse is not true, especially with Australia. They're about as familiar with as us we are with, say, South Africa. The average Australian would know some basic facts and stereotypes but nothing beyond that. The average north American would know some basic facts and stereotypes about Australia but nothing beyond that.

So when journalling on eg. Livejournal just the fact alone that I do not live in North America is enough to cause disinterest. There is too great a cultural divide. I am thousands on kilometres away in an entirely different region of he world. There are different names and spellings for the same things. So this blog will be primarily aimed at an Australian audience or people who don't mind reading things written by someone in Australia

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